The Royal in Cancun – A Food Lover’s Paradise & A Whole Lot More

The Royal in CancunEarlier this month, Haley and I took our first overseas vacation together to an all-inclusive resort called The Royal in Cancun that was highly recommended by her parents. For years we’ve heard nothing but good things about the resort from them and how they wished we could go with them each year. As intrigued as I was to go, issues always arose where we couldn’t make it. Finally in 2011, we got that chance to go.

The Royal in CancunThe Royal in Cancun is as majestic as the name implies. The atmosphere is superb and the scenery is gorgeous. The rooms are simply magnificent with every amenity imaginable with amazing views of the beachfront property. The crystal clear hues of blue and turquoise waters are like what you would see in a postcard. If my ramblings don’t convince you, take a look at where ranked The Royal in Cancun is rated #2 of all the hotels located in Cancun, Mexico.

Sea Bass Escalope au White WineAlthough I can go on and on about every aspect of the resort, the one aspect I’m obviously going to focus on is the food. I truly loved each and every meal at The Royal in Cancun. This isn’t to say that I loved all the dishes because there were some that I didn’t like. That’s one of the benefits of going “All Inclusive” because you’re able to order whatever you want, as much as you want. So I took advantage of this to try some entrees I normally wouldn’t try back at home. The food as a collective whole was as good as anything I’ve ever had in the United States and easily deserves at least a 4 star rating.

What surprised me the most was the quality of service by the restaurant staff. All of them seemed to enjoy their job and some even tried to be humorous. Placing orders and busing tables was never a problem and never before have I experienced someone pulling a chair out or having my own napkin being placed in my lap for me. From the start to finish of every meal, the service was top notch.

Of all the restaurants available, I had the opportunity to visit them all with the exception of one (Tapas & Pintxos). I’m really not sure where to begin writing about the experience because I had so many meals at the resort.

Omelet, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Mushrooms, Hash BrownsThe one I visited most often was Spice, a buffet restaurant offering a wide-variety of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What I loved about Spice was the casual atmosphere and the ability to walk-in without a wait. The best meal of the day at Spice was breakfast because of the wide assortment of nearly every breakfast food imaginable. As for lunch and dinner, it was a little disappointing because the majority of the menu items were the same for both meals… but nevertheless, it was good.

Chicken Blue CoastPelicanos - Beef FajitasMy second favorite was Pelicanos, an outdoor Caribbean fusion restaurant that overlooks the ocean. Pelicanos is also open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a fancier menu than Spice. Having eaten here numerous times, I think lunch is the best meal to eat at Pelicanos because you get to enjoy the scenery and the food can’t be beat for the time of day. While the dinner is tasty as well, there were better options for dinner (such as Maria Marie, Asiana, and Chef’s Plate).

Asiana Restaurant - Beef/Chicken TeppanyakiAsiana, Maria Marie, Chef’s Plate, and Tapas Pintxos are all a collective group of restaurants that are located in the same building and all of them require reservations except for Tapas Pintxos. Asiana is a great Japanese sushi & teppanyaki restaurant. Although the sushi was rather simplistic and could use some sprucing up, the teppanyaki was top notch: complete with an entertaining show and delicious Japanese-inspired cuisine.

Fine Lamb Chops CharcutierieMaria Marie is an upscale, romantic, gourmet Mexican-French fusion restaurant with a fancier menu. At Maria Marie, the food was some of the best I’ve eaten at The Royal in Cancun. The onion soup, the rack of lamb, and the T-bone steak were absolutely fantastic.

Chef's Plate Gourmet - Course 6Chef’s Plate is a gourmet restaurant that features a different International dinner menu every night prepared by one of the Royal’s executive chefs. The dinner party here is limited to 18 people by reservation only and the only way to dine here is if you are staying at a certain type of suite offered by the hotel. In this restaurant, the dinner party is served by two waiters and an executive chef that prepares an 8-course meal. I absolutely loved the experience but for my fiancé, it was a little too fancy for her. For that evening, the menu featured a Brazilian theme with flavored “orbs” of sauce.

Although this was my first all inclusive experience and I have nothing to compare it to, I know that every meal at The Royal in Cancun left me more than satisfied and that’s all that matters. Combine that with the other fantastic experiences and my stay at The Royal in Cancun was a dream come true.

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THE ROYAL in Cancun
Blvd. Kukulcan Km. 11.5, Hotel Zone
Cancun, 77500, Q. Roo, México

Overall: 4.5/5.0 ★★★★½ 


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