Hyoun’s Sunday Somewhat “Gourmet” Dinner

Hyoun\'s Plate #1

Given the fact that I’ve eaten out more times in the past 2 days than most people have in a week, I knew I had to cut back at least for a little while. My wallet really took a hit and I knew I had to start cooking at home to recuperate some of the costs I incurred from my hobby. Luckily for me, I had enough food stashed in my fridge to feed a small army. So with my mediocre cooking skills, I cooked up a simple feast for Haley and myself on Sunday consisting of steak, …


Sunday Lunch at Jason’s Deli

Salad Bar

I first heard of Jason’s Deli from my high school friend Cal. He wrote about it on Facebook a while back and raved on about how great it was. I remember looking it up about a year prior to his post because I was looking for an alternative to the Soup Plantation/Sweet Tomatoes I visited in Atlanta. To this date, I still haven’t found one but in terms of salad bars, Jason’s Deli comes close.

Jason’s Deli is a restaurant chain that takes pride in the fact that it serves healthy, fresh, and some organic foods. They boast …


Haley’s Sunday Dinner

Homemade Cupcakes

With all the rushing around these days, you hardly ever get time to have a really good home cooked meal. Why spend hours prepping & slaving over a stove with a recipe that feeds a family of four when all you need to feed is two people? Of course, there is the fact that you can have leftovers but in my case, the leftovers I like are the ones that aren’t mine. Then there’s the option to make that visit to your parents (those of you fortunate to still have them) but with the time spent driving all …


Sunday Lunch at Newk’s

Black & Bleu Salad

Being an avid food devotee, you constantly search for not only new food options but also new establishments to check out. Living in Kentucky all my life with nearly 66% of it being in Lexington, you start to run out of avenues in which to stimulate your taste buds. The only way to break out of the monotony of local choices is either to travel or move. Since moving to Tennessee, this is one aspect in which I consider myself lucky because I now have an overabundance of new restaurants at my disposal. One of these restaurants is …