[UPDATED] Pinkberry is Coming to Nashville, Tennessee on October 14th!!

UPDATE (10/15/2010) – Pinkberry is finally in Nashville. Read the full review of the store as well as the grand opening party!

UPDATE (09/20/2010) – I was contacted by Jennifer June from DVL, a full service public relations and advertising agency found here in Nashville, TN. I suppose they are the ones handling the PR on Nashville’s Pinkberry. She was very kind and sent me one of their press releases about the upcoming store. Here’s an excerpt:


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (Sept. 20, 2010) – Pinkberry is pleased to
announce the grand opening event of its first store in Tennessee on
Oct. 14 at 2306 West End Ave., across from Vanderbilt University’s
campus. The newest Pinkberry location marks the arrival of the first
Pinkberry in Tennessee. Nashville is the latest of many new markets
for the L.A.-based frozen yogurt company.

The grand opening event will be from 6 – 10 p.m., and include a VIP
party in the space next to the store with velvet ropes, a pink carpet,
music and entertainment. Next door, the Pinkberry store will have free
swirled yogurt for anyone who would like to try the craveable treat.


While free Pinkberry yogurt will be provided to guests during the
evening of Oct. 14, the store will officially open for business on
Oct. 15 at 10 a.m.

Local fans who want up-to-the minute news and discount offers should
sign up to be a Pinkberry Groupie at
http://www.pinkberry.com/groupies.html. The brand can also be found on
Facebook and at Twitter @pinkberryswirl.

Original Article (Sunday, September 19th, 2010 @ 7:09PM CST): On Saturday, Haley and I took our dogs to the 21st Annual Dog Day Festival that benefits the Nashville Humane Association. Missing it last year, I promised the dogs I’d take them this year where hundreds of pet-related sponsors and vendors showcase their goods. Unfortunately our dogs are indoor pets and after 15 minutes of walking around, they acted as if we were torturing them and made every effort to lay down in the shade of every display tent. How pathetic!

Like every festival I’ve attended, there is festival food and my nose active sought out their offerings. Walking around the designated festival food area, I didn’t see anything that tweaked my interest aside from the BBQ stand from Paradise Ridge Grille. But seeing how they were only offering pulled pork sandwiches and nachos, I graciously declined.

Haley & Pinkberry Display TentA bit disheartened, we ended up walking to the other side of the festival grounds. In the far corner past the dog judging area, I saw a tent with the name Pinkberry written across it with a huge line of people in front of the tent. My first thought was it was another pet vendor because the designated food area was on the other side. I casually mentioned to Haley that there was a line for that tent and she bursted in excitement “Wow its Pinkberry!” and immediately made her way towards the line.

Pinkberry Display TentAs I approached the tent I was given a brief overview from Haley, a connoisseur of frozen yogurt. Pinkberry is an upscale frozen dessert boutique that specializes in frozen yogurt. She said that their yogurt is different because it actually tastes like yogurt. A bit skeptical (I’ve had numerous restaurant frozen yogurt offerings), I asked her how she knew all this. She said she saw it on TV… go figure! I waited in line with her and the dogs because it would give me an opportunity to try something new.

Pinkberry Nashville T-shirtSome frozen yogurts are made with water. Pinkberry is made from real nonfat milk + yogurt.” That’s what a banner on the back of the tent claimed and a small printout sign claimed that all their proceeds from that day went to the Nashville Humane Association with a suggested donation amount of $1. Not too bad for upscale yogurt. As you waited, a young lady next to a spin wheel with different labeled prizes gave you a chance to spin if you gave your e-mail address to them. Haley won a “Buy One, Get One Free” coupon and I won her a Pinkberry T-shirt.

With my $1 donation, I purchased a cup of frozen yogurt with fresh strawberry and pineapple toppings. Other toppings included fresh mango, blueberries, kiwi, and some other fruits. In addition, you could also add some dry toppings with almonds, cereals, granola to name a few.

Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries & PineappleSo how was it? Pretty amazing and literally the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had. Whether from real ice cream restaurants to the kind you can get from the grocer’s freezer, no frozen yogurt have ever tasted like yogurt to me. Fresh yogurt has that tart/tang from the fermentation of milk and that’s exactly what Pinkberry‘s frozen yogurt tasted like. Cold, refreshing, and soft; the addition of real fresh fruit added the right touch of sweetness to balance it all out (much like a fruit & yogurt parfait).

Unfortunately the Nashville location of Pinkberry is not yet open. The target date is sometime in October and will be located at 2304 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203. All I can say is that Pinkberry Nashville can’t come soon enough and I’ll be waiting at the door when it finally does open to experience all their delicious goodness. Here’s a bit more about Pinkberry (taken from their website):

Pinkberry is Swirly Goodness®
We’re all about encouraging your swirly artistry, so now you can choose as many toppings that will fit comfortably in your cup and customize your Pinkberry. Swirl your flavors and choose from some 10 daily cut fresh fruits, 20 premium and fresh dry toppings and 3 liquid toppings. Experiment with your masterpiece, try something new and find just the right combo that’s perfect for you.

Read more at Pinkberry’s website.

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