Incredible, Flavorful Cupcakes at Sparkle Cupcake Company

Sparkle Cupcake CompanyOn Saturday, Haley and I were in Brentwood, TN running some errands. Not having had dinner yet, we were going to go to Longhorn and use one of the gift cards I received from work. After giving it some thought, I told her we had plenty of leftovers and could use the gift card for a rainy day. She agreed and as we made our way home, I mentioned that we could pick up dessert instead. Particularly, we were craving cupcakes but seeing how the closest Gigi’s Cupcakes was several miles away and it was already 6 PM, I anticipated that they wouldn’t have any good ones left. After a quick call, they told us they only had 2 types of cupcakes left in flavors we particularly didn’t like. We thanked them and made our way home defeated.

Sparkle Cupcake CompanyNot giving up, a quick search on Google Maps for “cupcakes” displayed several locations in our vicinity. The closest one was a business called Sparkle Cupcake Company located in Lennox Village, a small boutique of shops in the Southeast corner of Nashville. Not having been to that area since June of this year, we made our way there with a feeling of excitement. After a few minutes and a couple turns, we found ourselves outside a quaint, cozy corner cupcake shop.

Sparkle Cupcake Company opened earlier this summer (around June I believe). Having grown in sudden popularity, they informed us that on November 1st, they are moving to a bigger condominium shop just down the street because they have reached capacity limits of their tiny bakery. Here’s a little more about their business (as taken from their website):

Sparkle Cupcake Company began as a journey to create cupcakes that are not only beautiful but taste amazing. We make our cupcakes from “scratch” and they are baked fresh daily using the finest ingredients. Whether it’s Swiss Chocolate, fresh bananas, strawberries and carrots or Madagascar Vanilla – our quality shines through. Sparkle Cupcake’s are everything you love about cupcakes! Just the right ratio of moist, delicious cake to icing. Topped with glitter, sprinkles, or seasonal decorations, Sparkle will soon be your NEW favorite cupcake destination!

It’s hard to improve on such a wonderfully classic, American original dessert…but Sparkle Cupcake Company has achieved the ultimate sophisticated Cupcake Experience.

We offer a revolving menu of 30 gourmet cupcakes. Sparkle also offers hand-dipped Blue Bell Ice Cream & a specialty line of coffee.

Since it was close to closing, their numbers of cupcakes were dwindling down to just a handful but they still had quite an assortment available. The price of a cupcake for $2.75 each or you could get four for $10. Since this place was new to us, Haley and I decided to just get four cupcakes so we could sample various flavors. I opted for the Lemon Creme & Pink Confetti and Haley chose Ice Ice Baby & Ol’ School.

Sparkle Cupcake CompanyThe cupcakes were not heavily iced, which is my personal preference. I like the flavor to come from the cake itself with the frosting acting as an accent flavor. So how did these cupcakes stack up?

My favorite was the Pink Confetti, a strawberry cake made with fresh strawberries and topped with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. The cake was moist and lush with the tart flavor of real strawberries. I couldn’t believe how much it tasted like the real fruit. The frosting was light and not too sweet with sweet flavor of cream cheese. Truly divine.

Sparkle Cupcake CompanyNext up was the Lemon Creme, a lemon cake with a lemon buttercream frosting. This cupcake only had a hint of lemon flavoring, very similar to Froot Loops cereal. I would have preferred a more overpowering fruit flavor (like in the Pink Confetti), but it was still delicious and also exhibited the characteristics of a moist cake.

The Ice Ice Baby consisted of white cake, cream cheese frosting & white sprinkles. The Ol’ School cupcake consisted yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing. Both of these cupcakes were simple with delicious cake bases. The Ice Ice Baby’s frosting was the same that was on the Pink Confetti cupcake. The Ol’ School had a very smooth, rich chocolate frosting.

Sparkle Cupcake CompanyThe surprising factor of these cupcakes is that they weren’t too sweet. Whenever I eat cupcakes, I often find myself wanting to wash the sweetness from my palate with a glass of water or milk. After devouring 2 cupcakes alone, I wasn’t thirsty at all… truly a sign that there was a balance of sweetness and flavor in each cupcake.

Sparkle Cupcake Company truly delivers great cupcakes. I love the fact that the cake portion of the cupcakes has so much flavor. The icing isn’t too overpowering and has just the right amount of sweetness to not take away from the whole experience. If you’re in the area and are craving a sweet dessert, I’d recommend you give Sparkle Cupcake Company a try.

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Sparkle Cupcake Company
7009 Lennox Village Dr.
Suite 109
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 833-3113

Bill Total: $10 (4 Cupcakes)

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Food:4.5/5.0 ★★★★½ 
Service:3.5/5.0 ★★★½☆ 
Atmosphere:3.5/5.0 ★★★½☆ 
Price:4.0/5.0 ★★★★☆ 
Overall:4.0/5.0 ★★★★☆ 

7 comments to Incredible, Flavorful Cupcakes at Sparkle Cupcake Company

  • lisa

    I purchased two livingsocial certificates for Sparkle. I used one two weeks ago. With it I bought one of each flavor in order to try the cupcakes. Because the certificate was for more $$ I got two of two flavors. I had no problems using that certificate. I went in today to do the same thing and was told that I could not use the certificate. I was told that the two women that allowed me to use it last time had been wrong. And that in order to use the certificate I had to call 24 hours in advance. Since this is a cupcake store that advertises they are open 7 days a week and to come in to buy cupcakes this is beyond me. I did not receive an apology but instead was told I could order for Monday. When I complained on FB they deleted the posts. There was yet another person who had complained about the same problem and they commented that they don’t know what happened that there was NO PROBLEM redeeming the certificate. When I posted that I had the same exact experience they deleted that comment. Do not put your event in the hands of people that can not honor a WRITTEN agreement. The first set of cupcakes I bought were about 50-50. Some were really good and some were dry. I had two friends that wanted to have their daughters parties there formally. We decided to redeem the other certificate today to try the cupcakes one more time for a more informal family birthday gathering. Do not shop at SPARKLE. There are plenty of other cupcake places that I am sure are more professional and can provided solid customer service.

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for writing your experience about Sparkle. Groupon/Living Social deals are relatively new, so I think that many businesses who just started using those types of promotions are still dealing with rules & fine print on how they should be used.

      However this is in no way defending the way you were treated at Sparkle. I’m shocked that you had such a bad experience. Sparkle always seems to be customer oriented.

      Have you asked to talk to the manager or owner? If you can’t come to a resolution, those Groupon/Living Social sites will refund your money with no questions asked.

  • Asheley77

    I purchased 2 Groupons from this company. The staff is most certainly not friendly and helpful. I was in Nashville for the morning, so I called in advance as required by the Groupon but was informed that I could not pick up the cupcakes the same day. I live an hour outside of Nashville, so an additional trip for cupcakes is not convenient. The friendly staff was not helpful or understanding about this. Also I was informed that I could not choose the cupcakes I had already paid for; I could either allow the staff to pick out 12 for me or I could pick 3 and the company would give me 4 each. This was not stated in the fine print of the Groupon. And how do I know which 3 to pre-order if I’ve never been to the shop? This is a rip-off, and I will not recommend this company to anyone I care about.

    • Thanks for writing about your experience Asheley77. Your complaint isn’t the first I’ve heard in relation to Sparkle and Groupon/Living Social problems.

      I tend to stay away from Groupon/Living Social lately just because of so many problems.

      Have you contacted Groupon to get a refund? I know getting your money back can’t compare to the service you experienced, but I’m thankful you wrote of your experience on this blog.

  • SparkleCupcakeCo

    We have only 1 POLICY in regards to most of our online coupon deals. We ask that an order is placed at least 24hrs in advance for orders of 1 Dozen Cupcakes or more. This has been consistent and has been posted on our Facebook page (see Notes) since last summer! Other than that we have redeemed 1000+ online coupons from every major coupon site, including Living Social, Groupon, News 2 and many others w/o incident. These coupons have been redeemed for thousands of cupcakes at our stores! If you have a complaint, I suggest you call the store and speak with the manager or leave a msg for the owner.

  • SparkleCupcakeCo

    By the way, THANKS Hyoungryman!!! We’ve had several people come into our store and say that they saw us on your site. We have now expanded to 2 locations and have even more cupcake flavors. We are approaching our 1yr anniversary soon & we will definitely keep you in the loop for some of our upcoming specials!

    • You’re quite welcome! I personally think you guys have some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. My girlfriend thinks so too. She’s purchased many varieties of your cupcakes for her clients.

      Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! Keep up the great work!

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