Welcome to Hyoungry Man!  After many compliments on my Food Journal album I host on my profile on Facebook, I decided to start my own full-fledged blog.  Bear with me because it has been over 10 years since I’ve tinkered with web development…a lot has happened since then.  I was fairly good at web development in the past, so hopefully I’ll pick it back up fairly quickly.

I’ve gave a lot of thought on how I wanted to present this blog.  Over the past several months, I’ve been taking mental notes and sketching out how I want the so called “reviews” to appear.  Although I have over 50 images of food from my Facebook album, I have decided to start all over because going back and writing a summary of the content would just be too disorganized and stray away of what I want this blog to become.

So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy my food reviews.  In the meantime, enjoy these legacy pictures I’ve copied from my Facebook album.


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