Get Ready for the 2010 Music City BBQ Festival

I’m getting pumped for this year’s BBQ festival. I ended up missing it last year due to me having to make a 235 mile move from Lexington, KY to Nashville, TN. I’m not going to miss it this time… my mind, body, and stomach is going to be ready for a BBQ gorgefest! Expect me to have a huge write up on the whole festival as well as awesome samples of the BBQ there.

The festival runs from August 26 – 28 and is located on First Ave at Riverfront Park. For more information about the festival, go to & check out their FAQ page.


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  • Keith

    Oh man…I’ll be on my honeymoon, otherwise I’d totally make the trip down for this. But hey…Jack Daniels has their World Championship BBQ Invitational in October. We should make plans to go to that!

    • Definitely! Isn’t theirs in Lynchburg? I missed that one last year too!

      • Keith

        Yeah…it’s in Lynchburg, we’ll make plans to go. I was in Lynchburg last Thursday and called you to see if you wanted to grab some BBQ for dinner. Anyway, I ended up at this great little BBQ shack off I-24 at Exit 111 called:

        Porky’s Pit BBQ
        402 McMinnville Highway
        Manchester, TN 37355-3159
        (931) 728-9648

        Total hole in the wall, but they have some mighty fine Q (using my Tennessee voice!).

        • Man I’m sorry. I saw that you called but I didn’t answer it because things have been falling apart here at work lately… hence putting in late hours. I was putting out fires at the time. I really need to get better about calling people back. Sorry cuz!

  • Thanks for helping us spread the word about the Second Annual Music City BBQ Festival. We couldn’t be more excited about the event! Give me a shout at and I’ll keep you in the know on all of the activities we have planned.

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