Big Daddy’s Pizzeria Is A Welcome Addition to Sevier County

Big Daddy's PizzeriaFor today’s review, I present to you my recent visit to Big Daddy’s Pizzeria in Sevierville, Tennessee. While pizza isn’t normally the cuisine I go for when visiting that area, I was drawn to Big Daddy’s Pizzeria for several reasons. First, I was attracted to the fact that this was a fairly new restaurant. New restaurants mean new experiences and I’m all about trying new food offerings. Secondly, each time Haley and I drove by the restaurant in passing, it always seemed to be busy. So the amount of traffic that this pizzeria received was clearly an indicator that it was somewhat popular. Lastly, the external appearance of the restaurant didn’t seem to be an afterthought like most local restaurants and the continuous billow of smoke coming from their store sign intrigued me by its uniqueness.

Big Daddy's PizzeriaOf all the local pizza joints that have been popping up everywhere I go, I notice that a select few of them opt to go the route of preparing pizzas using a wood-fired, brick oven method over conventional baking methods. Big Daddy’s Pizzeria is one of those restaurants that cook their pizzas this way. While not necessarily a new method, the exclusivity that follows brick oven often categorizes the restaurant that serves it as a “fancier” or “upscale” place.

The characteristics of brick oven pizza are usually a thin, crispy crust with a chewy center, crispier toppings, smoky flavor, and uniform doneness throughout the top and bottom of the pizza. No conventional oven can create a pizza in this manner. The reason is that conventional ovens cook the pizza from one direction only. Brick ovens however soaks the heat from its source (wood, gas or coal) continuously which results high heat radiating from all sides… bombarding your pizza pie with an even distribution of heat. The end result is not only a thoroughly cooked pizza, but also a pizza that is cooked much quicker.

Menu CoverJust like their brick oven, Big Daddy’s Pizzeria‘s menu is just as unique. If you’re expecting standard pizza pies like something along the lines of a supreme pizza or a veggie pizza, you won’t find that on the menu although you can build your own with à la carte toppings. Every pizza on the menu features a “gourmet” pizza pie with a combination of unique sauces and ingredients. Here are some of the offerings at Big Daddy’s Pizzeria:

  • Big Daddy’s Rockefeller -Creamed spinach base, wood-fired oysters, mozzarella-provolone blend, roasted red onion, diced bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil.
  • Cajun – Marinara Sauce, mozzarella-provolone blend, crawfish, Andouille Sausage, roasted red onion and roasted garlic.
  • Greek – Marinara Sauce topped with provolone and mozzarella cheeses, Feta cheese, shrimp, Kalamata olives and red onions.

Regular Garden SaladWe decided to start with an appetizer of Dough Daddies: artisan yeast dough, cut into spheres and tossed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil. For six pieces, they came out to $2.99 with a side of marinara sauce. Haley got a regular garden salad ($2.99) consisting of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, carrots and homemade croutons. For the pizza, we opted for “build-your-own” consisting of a 14″ cheese pizza ($13.99) with the addition of black olives ($1.79), red onions ($1.79), pepperoni ($3), black forest ham ($3) and mushrooms ($1.79).

Dough DaddiesThe Dough Daddies were piping hot spheres of chewy goodness with a heavy coating with the olive oil and garlic mixture. The marinara sauce was a little watery in my opinion, but it was possibly due to the sauce being made fresh. Six of them were plenty for two people and I think for what you got, they were priced well.

"Build-Your-Own Pizza"The pizza on the other hand was incredibly good. I’ve had wood-fired, brick oven pizza before in the past but I don’t ever remember it being as delicious as Big Daddy’s Pizzeria. The bottom of the crust was perfectly crispy without any indication of being burned and the center still had some chewiness to it. The top of the pizza was cooked to perfection with golden, bubbly cheese and a generous amount of toppings. I was also surprised that the pepperoni slices weren’t your average-sized slices, but was more akin to the size of sliced salami. The sauce had a wonderfully robust flavor and the pizza as a whole had a rich smoky flavor.

"Build-Your-Own Pizza"Despite all the positives, I will mention that the negative aspect of Big Daddy’s Pizzeria is that the price of the pies (compared to other restaurants) isn’t cheap. Depending on your pie, whether specialty or “build-your-own” can amount to almost $20 if you’re not careful. However if you’re willing to foot the bill and call yourself a pizza lover, I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed with your pizza at Big Daddy’s Pizzeria.

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Big Daddy’s Pizzeria
1820 Parkway
Sevierville, TN 37862-7006
(865) 908-1123

Bill Total: $30.65 For Two (With Tax)

Big Daddy's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

Food:4.0/5.0 ★★★★☆ 
Service:3.0/5.0 ★★★☆☆ 
Atmosphere:3.5/5.0 ★★★½☆ 
Price:3.5/5.0 ★★★½☆ 
Overall:3.5/5.0 ★★★½☆ 

12 comments to Big Daddy’s Pizzeria Is A Welcome Addition to Sevier County

  • Erin Rowland

    I told Marty I wanted to eat there! looks like we will be going back soon to try!

  • Thanks for the “heads up” on this restaurant…hadn’t heard of it before!!

    • You’re quite welcome! It’s hard to miss if you drive down towards Pigeon Forge. You’ll see it on your right as you pass Tanger Outlet Mall (about a block or two down the road.)

  • mike

    the best pizza and i have had pizza all over the world as good as an nyc pizza you will get….

  • LarrynJet

    I was pleased to see such a great blog on Big Daddy’s Pizza. We eat there 3 -4 times a month and feel it is the best in town. He is correct, it is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill pizza and is a bit more expensive. As far as I am concerned, I’m worth it. If you were taking a group of small children, maybe something less pricey but all in all well worth the price for gourmet pizza. Our favorite is the Carnivore.

    • Hey Larrynjet! Thanks for writing. I really wish I could’ve tried the Carnivore (I love lots of meaty toppings on my pizza) but unfortunately my fiance wouldn’t have it. Maybe one day.

  • Jessica

    Best pizza I have ever had we went to the one in pigeon forge the kids had a blast between the arcade and getting to make there own dessert with the piece of uncooked dough . Are family will be comeing back next year for sure .

  • Vanessa

    Great Pizza!! I have been craving one every since we left Pigeon Forge!!! Need one in the Tri-cities area.

  • julie

    the best pizza ever everyone was welcoming very clean service was wonderful will definatly be back soon

  • Gina Stalzer

    Just visited Big Daddys for the first time … Excellent pizza and great service. My 7 year old son had his Miami Dolphins sweatshirt on … A gentleman who welcomed us to the restaurant stop by our table to share he also is a Miami Dolphins fan … Said he was going to buy our lunch. When the waitress brought our check … It was just to show us indeed our lunch had been bought … By the owner !! He left before we could say Thank you in person. I hope someone from the restaurant reads this entry – we truly appreciated your generosity and it looks like we will be Miami fans for life :) and of Big Daddys.

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