How I Rate:

When applicable, I rate most of my restaurant visits based on four criteria in a five point scale at 0.5 intervals (3.5/5.0 Full StarFull StarFull StarHalf StarBlank Star). Those criteria are: Food, Service, Atmosphere, and Price. The overall score is the average of those four criteria and that is the rating I give the establishment as a whole and that score is created as a “Post Tag” in the review. Of course if you are only concerned with a single category, you can always focus on individual scores. In the event that I cannot judge based on a certain category (such as Price at a free event or Service at a public festival), I will omit it altogether. Food will always be judged, as that is the main focus of HyoungryMan.com.

  • Food: My rating on food is obviously from my personal experiences, but I try to be as non-biased as possible. While certain aspects such as presentation and originality may be a factor here, taste is the primary component of the score a particular dish or restaurant receives.
  • Service: When applicable, service encompasses all aspects of service from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave an establishment. For example, if a restaurant’s host or hostess is extremely rude yet the waiter or waitress is the ideal type, the establishment will take a scoring hit from the host/hostess.
  • Atmosphere: Atmosphere is based on the establishment’s appearance as well as the overall ambiance. For example, some of the best food can be found in “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants, but you wouldn’t necessarily take a first date there (unless he/she really loved food). Extra points are also considered if the restaurant is fun, energetic, and makes you feel welcome.
  • Price: This category is the most confusing because I don’t give stars based on the correlation to actual cost. For example, one star doesn’t mean that it is cheaper than two stars or more. If you wanted to know pricing, you could just look at the “Bill Total” line at the end of every blog review. The purpose of “Price” is connection between the taste of the food ordered and the price you are paying for it. For example, if you are paying for a mediocre burger but the cost is $20, then obviously the rating would be a single star. Another example would be the best steak you’ve ever had and the cost is a mere $10. Then the rating for price would be five stars.


About Me:

Hyoun & PizzaMy name is Hyoun Kim, a 2nd generation Korean American, currently residing in Tennessee. I started a picture album on Facebook back in 2009 as a means of sharing my food eating endeavors with my friends. As time progressed, I began to add more details in the descriptions. Eventually, my girlfriend Haley suggested that I should create my own web page dedicated to this hobby. Long story short, I created HyoungryMan.com in the summer of 2010.

I love food of all sorts. As far back as I can remember, my friends & family marveled at my uncanny ability to eat large quantities of food. While my metabolism isn’t what it used to be, my passion for food has grown. I’ve always had a great appreciation of tasting different cuisines and trying new restaurants… so I’m open to trying any food and any restaurant at least once as long as it is within a reasonable budget. Of course if there’s a special occasion, I’ll splurge on a meal.

Whether the food is from a chain restaurant or local fare, I’m not biased. A lot of food critics will condemn any food that comes from a chain restaurant. While I agree that local restaurants do stimulate the local economy, I’m not going to be prejudiced just because one restaurant happens to have become successful and is now located nationwide. I don’t claim to be a journalist or food critic, but will gladly write about anything food-related and my thoughts about it. So if there’s a dish out there or a restaurant that you think is worth mentioning, share it with me and I’ll write about it once I eat my fill!

Thanks for visiting!

-Hyoun Kim