Happy National Hamburger Day – Enjoying Mine At Back Yard Burgers

Classic Back Yard Burger w/ Seasoned Fries

Today is National Hamburger Day. According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, hamburgers are the most popular food on the grill with steak being a close second place. So it’s no wonder that hamburgers get their own national holiday. I’m not actually sure who came up with the holiday, but many restaurants are celebrating this day through various advertisements and news sources. Particularly, Back Yard Burgers is celebrating this day by offering the first 100 diners with a free Classic Burger at various locations. For those of you lucky enough to get one, congratulations! What better way to enjoy a …



Excellent Eats At Al’s Italian Beef in Chicago

The Italian Beef

I’ll be honest with you, the main reason I chose Al’s Italian Beef is because I saw it on Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America TV show on the Travel Channel a few months back. But that’s not the first time I had an Italian beef sandwich. I had one several times a couple years ago in Chicago when I went with my brother & sister-in-law. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of that place despite my hours of searching online and scouring Google maps.

On TV, Adam ended up going to the original on 1079 W. Taylor Street …


Lay’s 2013 Flavor Finalist Chips

The Chips

[ UPDATE 03/06/2013 ] I finally found the Sriracha at my local Kroger grocery store. Discussing with my local coworkers, Publix has been a hit or miss on the flavors (sometimes they only carry some). The Kroger in Franklin off of Mallory Lane has all three (with a special going on for Lay’s Chips, two for $5). Essentially saving you $1.79 off the retail price.

Sriracha ($4.29 a bag): Hands down, Sriracha (in my opinion) is the best new flavor chip. It’s everything the other two finalist flavors weren’t. It’s unique enough that separates it from the rest of …


David Burke’s ‘Not-So’ Primehouse + Thoughts On Dry Aged Beef

55 Day Himalayan Salt Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go up to Chicago for a weekend getaway. Due to time constraints, I didn’t get to eat at all the places I would have liked. I did make it a goal however to eat at one of the so-called “better” steakhouses that Chicago had to offer. Unfortunately, my wife was adamant of not going to a steakhouse but luckily, Aaron, Haley’s friend’s boyfriend was willing to go with me (thanks Aaron)! However choosing a steakhouse was a bit overwhelming since Chicago is home to literally dozens of steakhouses considered “high end”. …


Rodizio Grill, Nashville’s Newest Churrascaria Arrives and Impresses

Picanha - Top Sirloin

For those that have followed me for quite some time, you probably know that I love churrascarias (Brazilian steakhouses). I’ve been to several across the United States but was quite disappointed to find one wasn’t around in Nashville when I moved here a few years ago. The last one in Nashville prior to that closed its doors in 2006 but it wasn’t until summer of 2011 did another open in its place as a locally owned restaurant named Bombasha. Ironically, early advertisements originally had the name as Rodizio but the name was already taken… but I digress. You can …